YTK Management Consultants Pte Ltd (“YTK”) is an emerging provider of Business Solutions. We are a client-focused firm dedicated to make sure that you get most out of our services. YTK focuses on helping individual entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to achieve their financial goals by providing value –added services to improve your company’s financial performance and compliance status. Over the years, our client base has expanded across industries such as construction, hotel and retail industries.


We all know the importance of a good business advisor to a company, particularly to our local Small and Medium Enterprise (“SME”). A good advisor should be well-informed of the business environment and able to take care of your needs on time.

At YTK, your company does not engage a business advisor with limited knowledge in a field. We believe you deserve more. A team of specialist will be assigned to help your company to grow. Members are selected by taking account of their professional experience and specific competencies required to complete the task.


Our business advisors will be highly sought, not because of their competence and in-depth knowledge,
but because of their passion in helping client’s business to stay in compliance and relevant.
In essence, we don’t sell our “services” ; we sell “assurance” to our clients because we run the back-end business for our clients.

Our Mission Statement

To fulfil the role of a business advisor to entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), through our efforts, assist them to achieve their financial goals and maintain their compliance status.


Ytk is the brand under which the member firms of YTK Management Consultants Pte Ltd (YTKMC) operate and provide professional services. Together, these firms form the Ytk network. ‘Ytk’ is often used to refer either to individual firms within the Ytk network or to several or all of them collectively.

Ytk member firms do not and cannot currently operate as a corporate multinational. The Ytk network is not a global partnership, a single firm, or a multinational corporation. For these reasons, the Ytk network consists of firms which are separate legal entities. The firms that make up the network are committed to working together to provide quality service offerings for clients throughout the world. Firms in the Ytk network are members in, or have other connections to Ytk. Member firms of YTKMC can use the Ytk name and draw on the resources and methodologies of the Ytk network. In addition, member firms may draw upon the resources of other member firms and/or secure the provision of professional services by other member firms and/or other entities.

In return, member firms are bound to abide by certain common policies and to maintain the standards of the Ytk network as put forward by YTKMC. The Ytk network is not one international partnership and Ytk member firms are not otherwise legal partners with each other. Many of the member firms have legally registered names which contain “Ytk”, however there is no ownership by YTKMC. A member firm cannot act as agent of YTKMC or any other member firm, cannot obligate YTKMC or any other member firm, and is liable only for its own acts or omissions and not those of YTKMC or any other member firm. Similarly, YTKMC cannot act as an agent of any member firm, cannot obligate any member firm, and is liable only for its own acts or own missions.


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