Corporate Training

6 May 2014 To be confirmed Knowing my duties and obligations as director

A company cannot function without a director. Director plays a critical role in steering the company to success. However does that mean that the director has to know and handle everything from compliance with the law to managing the business? What are some of the important information that a director should know in order to perform his role. This seminar is designed to discuss on the main duties of a director’s duties, how he can perform his role effectively and his compliance role towards ACRA and IRAS.

To be confirmed To be confirmed Effective Cash Flow Management

Cash is the lifeblood on any business, and when the economy slows, and customers take no longer pay, it can be difficult to assess which of your customers will pay, or can pay. Payment terms can extend quite signifantly and likelihood of customers becoming insolvent and never paying increases. This uncertainty of cash flow can trip up even the most cautions and well-funded small business.

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